Projects in Preparation or Under Review

(papers under review/revision are available upon request)

“Top-down and bottom-up causal claims in microbiome research” w/ Maureen O’Malley. In Review.

“Microbiomes and Holobionts” w/ Kasia Hooks. Invited chapter for Elsevier’s Encyclopedia of Ecology. In Review.

“Integration and Discordance in Multilineage Systems.” Invited article in prep for a special issue of PTPBio. Presented at the Species in the Age of Discordance Conference at the University of Utah and at an invited talk at ANU.  

“Reorienting Scientific Explanation – The Case from Robustness in Biological Systems.” In revision. Presented at ISHPSSB. 

“From an Entangled Bank – Translating and Interpreting Causation in Biology.”  In revision. Presented at Bordeaux-San Sebastian Workshop in Philosophy of Biology. 

“A Framework for Individuation and Individuality in Biology.” In prep. Presented at "Can Biological Practice Inform Metaphysics?" Workshop in Cologne and the Bordeaux-Geneva Colloquium in Philosophy of Biology. 

"Physiological Individuality and Conglomerate Individuality" w/ Leonardo Bich and Thomas Pradeu. In prep. 

“Complexity, Organization and Life in the Philosophy of Sir Kenelm Digby.” In revision. Presented at ISHPSSB. 

 “The Emptiness of the Species Problem – A Buddhist Approach to the Metaphysics of Species.” In revision

“Contrasting phylogeographic patterns in two Pacific brittle stars, Ophiocoma erinaceous and Ophiocoma pica.”
      w/ Matt Iacchei and Robert Toonen. In revision.