Projects in Preparation or Under Review

(papers under review / revision are available upon request)

Full descriptions coming soon

"The Ecology of Holobionts" w/ Christopher Lean. In revision.
     To be a part of special issue on the Philosophy of Holobionts in Philosophy, Theory and Practice in Biology.

"Reorienting Scientific Explanation - The Case from Robustness in Biological Systems" In revision.      

"Two Pitfalls for Causal Reasoning in Biology" In revision.

"Integration and Discordance in Multilineage Systems" In prep. 

"A Framework for Individualization and Individuality in Biology" In prep. 

"Physiological Individuality and Syntrophic Individuality" w/ Leonardo Bich. In prep.

​"Can Host-microbiome Systems be Healthy? Shaping Ecosystems vs Curing Disease" In prep. 
     An upcoming talk for The Future of Microbiome Research workshop I am co-organizing with Maureen O'Malley and Paul

A few dusty side-projects

"Complexity, Organization and Life in the Philosophy of Sir Kenelm Digby" In revision

"The Emptiness of the Species Problem - A Buddhist Approach to the Metaphysics of Species" In revision.

"Contrasting phylogeographic patterns in two Pacific brittle stars, Ophiocoma Erinaceous and Ophiocoma pica "
      w/ Matt Iacchei and Robert Toonen. In revision.