Projects in Preparation or Under Review

(papers under review / revision are available upon request)

"Integration and Discordance in Multilineage Systems" Article in prep for a special issue of Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology. Presented at the Species in the Age of Discordance Conference at the University of Utah and at an invited talk at ANU.  

"Reorienting Scientific Explanation - The Case from Robustness in Biological Systems" In revision.      

"From an Entangled Bank - Translating and Interpreting Causation in Biology" Presented at Bordeaux-San Sebastian Workshop in Philosophy of Biology.

"A Framework for Individualization and Individuality in Biology "Presented at" Can Biological Practice Inform Metaphysics? " Workshop in Cologne and the Bordeaux-Geneva Colloquium in Philosophy of Biology. 

"Physiological Individuality and Syntrophic Individuality" w / Leonardo Bich. In prep. 

"Complexity, Organization and Life in the Philosophy of Sir Kenelm Digby"  Presented at ISHPSSB. 

"The Emptiness of the Species Problem - A Buddhist Approach to the Metaphysics of Species" In prep.

"Contrasting phylogeographic patterns in two Pacific brittle stars, Ophiocoma Erinaceous and Ophiocoma pica "
      w / Matt Iacchei and Robert Toonen. In revision.